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2018 英国D&AD石墨铅笔奖
2019 美国Dieline Awards二等奖
2019 意大利A’ Design Award金奖
2019 德国红点奖概念设计奖
2020 意大利A’ Design Award银奖
2020 英国Pentawards包装设计奖铜奖
2020 美国Dieline Awards一等奖
2021 美国IDA国际设计奖荣誉奖
2022 德国红点奖概念设计奖
2022 美国IDA国际设计官方提名及荣誉奖
2022 意大利A’ Design Award铜奖


2018 D&AD Graphite Pencil, UK
2019 Dieline Awards 2nd place, US
2019 A’ Design Award Gold Prize, IT
2019 Red Dot Design Award: Design Concept, DE
2020 A’ Design Award Sliver Prize, IT
2020 Pentawards Bronze Prize, UK
2020 Dieline Awards 1st place, US
2021 International Design Awards Honorable Mention, US
2022 Red Dot Design Award: Design Concept, DE
2022 International Design Awards Honorable Mention/Official Selection, US
2022 A’ Design Award Bronze, IT





TheSoloist Studio™ ✒️

TheSoloist Studio™ is an esteemed visual creative design studio based in Shanghai. Their core expertise lies in branding and packaging design, catering to diverse industry sectors.

At TheSoloist Studio™, they excel in tailoring visually captivating solutions for brands across various industries. Their proficiency lies in crafting designs that embody simplicity, elegance, vibrancy, and multidisciplinary elements. They skillfully employ rational expression techniques to establish an emotional connection with the market and consumers, effectively enhancing the overall value of the brand and its products.

Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of cultures and lifestyles, such as music, photography, art, fashion, architecture, and culinary arts, they offer a comprehensive suite of creative services, encompassing branding, packaging, and product design, among others. Their expansive portfolio spans well-established international companies to budding domestic startups. Clients partnering with TheSoloist Studio™ can expect a wealth of opportunities and possibilities, as they channel their creative prowess to bring brands to life. With a profound ability to deeply understand and resonate with desires, they communicate with utmost sincerity and clarity, ensuring that brands and products captivate the eyes and hearts of consumers.






The creativity of TheSoloist comes from everyday life: flow and smell; writing and reading; water and coffee.
Discover a profound desire amidst the turmoil of the tide, and embrace the virtue of genuine tenderness once the bubbles dissipate.

Sincerity and creation with pure heart 📎

The vast expanse of the universe and the myriad of lifestyles lived by countless individuals come together to shape our world. While music was once the preferable creative avenue for TheSoloist Studio™, visual creative design has now become their ultimate passion and expertise.

Within the simplicity and extravagance of the sun, stars, moon, seasons, air, water, earth, and natural food, lie profound wisdom and truths. These facets of life are not readily comprehensible, but they hold immense value and are worth exploring throughout a lifetime. The hustle and bustle of the city often shroud the essence of life, leaving little room to escape. Is the ceaseless cycle of the material world the ultimate test for the essence of life? In times of ambiguity, it is sometimes best to pause and observe the clouds gracefully drifting across the sky. Stillness harbors profound depths, and the greatest truths are often rooted in simplicity.

Creation is an integral part of the life of TheSoloist, where both visual and musical expressions share a similar synesthesia. They require the perfect balance of tranquility and exuberance, as well as the nimble and vivid ability to adapt. A life as sincere and simple as nature itself is profoundly beautiful and worth creating with wholehearted dedication.

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